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Dear enquirer,

Thank you for your enquiry into the products and business opportunity offered by Berry.En.

Berry.En is a medium sized German company based in the south of Germany. The company offers nutritional supplements that contain many beneficial advantages, most of which, people are unaware. The processing of the raw materials is quite unique compared to most other regular products, thereby advantaging the nutritional values for the body which, have been proven in numerous scientific studies. It is for that reason, Berry.En offers 'standalone' products. As an example of this, never before have nutrients been provided in a gel form. In addition, this happens to be the first time that there has been a chocolate bar offering benefits to our joints, our digestive system and provision of long term energy, all from natural qualities and 'Made in Germany'.

In addition to the fantastic products produced by Berry.En, the company offers yet another advantage to the consumer - a share of Berry.en turnover. A fabulous business opportunity.

There are several ways to create an income from the success of the Berry.En business. Products can be purchased on attractive terms and resold at profit, to the end consumer. Your customers may also purchase online, directly from Berry.En. Alternatively, you may wish to encourage others to become Berry.En distributors and gain from the business opportunity. Regardless of your choice, Berry.En will reward your activities with generous commissions.

Berry.En stands for highest product quality made in germany

It was due to the overall concept of the Berry.En business that persuaded me to become an Independent Distributor. Berry.En has everything needed for a successful distributorship. These aids include printed product information for customers and prospects alike; your own personal online shop; numerous merchandising products for your sales activities, course seminars and training in products and marketing practice.

Beside all these factors, it is important to realise that you will not be alone on your road to success. Establishing the Berry.En products and the business opportunities on a long-term basis, requires teamwork, trust, respect and integrity. This is made very much aware to all Berry.En distributors. It has to be your decision alone as to whether you wish to be part of that community. As a company, we have positioned ourselves for a successful future. We wish to grow with you and to constantly recognize improvements.

Have we piqued your interest in the Berry.En Premium nutritional products? Do you wish to know more about the Berry.En distributorship? Please use the formula below so that we can discuss everything in person.

Cordially yours,
Svetlana Komorová

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